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Hair Extensions have been around since the early Egyptians. Cleopatra was the modern day Hollywood starlet. Extensions are nothing new and the hottest thing going. Since extensions, hair additions and hair enhancement are the fastest growing facet of the beauty industry, one cannot afford to sit idly by and not explore the extensions possibilities. It is no longer just a “long hair” thing but a service which can aid color dimension to over chemical treated hair, unusual hair angling looks, length and most importantly volume.

When asked what is the most widely used word in the salon industry “lingo,” clients repeatedly answer VOLUME. There are volume shampoos, mouse, gels, and perms to create volume. Why blow dry, puff, fluff, curl, scrunch, life spray, or other insults to your hair when extensions can give it to you in minutes? Extensions can put hair where there is very little, give you a more modern and fashionable style, give movement to the hair, give highlights/low lights and generally make it look healthier. It can give your hair the needed rest to recover from the everyday trauma of styling.

Hair Extensions are the fastest growing facet of the Hair Industry. Why? We are an instant society. We want it now and Hair Extensions provide that instant hair addiction. But the buzz on hair extensions varies from a low hum to a huge roar depending on who you talk to.

Hair extensions can be a very safe and enjoyable experience if….If is the biggest word in the hair extension world.

If your stylist is not only experienced but thoroughly trained.

If your stylist has chosen the appropriate type of extensions based on your hair integrity, density, length and needs.

If your stylist understands growth patterns, neck lines, hair lines and swirl patterns for placement to avoid damage.

If your stylist understands weight distribution, your hair verses extension weight ratios.

If your stylist grasps the concept of color distribution for color matching and shade variation.

If your stylist is willing to tell you no, if you are not a candidate at this time or your hair cannot sustain hair that length.

We have all seen the horrors of Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton and the many others of the Entertainment field. You never know from one day to the next what their hair length will be and sometimes it is so painfully obvious that they are wearing extensions. If your stylist is well versed at extensions, your friends will marvel at the natural beauty of your new style. If not, everyone will know.

But what are the things to look for when choosing a stylist for extensions?

We shall explore the necessary information you need in order to make an educated choice:

1. Is the stylist willing to speak with you personally and for more than 2 minutes on the telephone?

2. A consultation is a must, face to face.

3. Does he or she seem knowlegable?

4. Does he or she have before and after pictures that appear to be taken in the salon you are in, (not ones taken from a published book or internet posting).

5. Does the stylist offer customer telephone numbers you can call?

6. Are there other clients in the salon that wear extensions in the salon at the time? Are you permitted to speak with them, look at them, etc.?

7. What type of experience does the stylist have?

8. Ask how many she does a week.

9. Do they guarantee their work? What is the guarantee?

10. Speak with the Customer Service of the hair vendors to determine if they are in good standing with the company, do they order a lot of hair, etc.

11. Do they stock hair or do they have to order it? If they stock, it is a very good sign that the stylist you have chosen does a great deal of extensions. Hair is expensive and to have an extensive supply of colors, textures, and curl patterns indicate a dedicated stylist.

12. How available are they to your needs? Appointment times, bookings in advance and in an emergency.

13. Do you feel that the stylist really listened to your wants and expectations?

Let’s talk about certification. Presently in most states, including the State of Florida, there is no Standard State Examination, Certificate, or Accreditation for Hair Replacement and Hair Extensions. There should be. When you see the word “Certified” in the Hair Industry, it simply means that a corporate educator, (who may or may not be a licensed stylist) has taught a “Company” sanctioned class.

It may have been taught by someone who really cares about giving the most to the industry but it also might have been taught by a corporate figurehead who is merely attempting to sell more of its products. I recently attended a “Certification” wherein we were told we were “Sales People first and Educators Second.” Needless to say, I have a problem with that. I am personally “Certified” by at least 9 different companies. What does that mean to you as a customer? What it should mean is nothing. Certification by corporations doesn’t mean you get an educated stylist, it merely means we, as stylists, paid the company money to sell us their product.

I was recently approached by a stylist who told me she attended a certification class, paid $99.00 for the class of 1 ½ hour, learned nothing and was handed an unsigned, blank certificate form at the end of class. While leaving she asked for a second certificate, alleging she had two salons. The instructor handed her two and she promptly handed the second one to her friend who did not take the class. Luckily the stylist had more integrity than to allow that to go on and did notify the company immediately, but it is just another example of “Certification.” Don’t rely on certificates to be your sole deciding factor in choosing.