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A Deeper look at Ions

We don’t pay any mind, but ions are all around us. Ions are atoms that have gained or lost an electron and bear a charge of energy. Those that have gained an electron are negative ions, while those that have lost an electron are called positive ions. The electrostatic force of ions causes opposites to attract and similar charges to repel.

Nature provides both positive and negative ions in abundance, but when it comes to positive benefits, it’s the negative ions that are important. The pollution created by our urban cities, such as dust, smoke and other high toxic substances produce high levels of positive ions and dangerously disturb the ion balance. Today’s air-conditioned buildings, cars and planes all contribute to this imbalance. Studies worldwide have shown that higher levels of positive ions produce negative effects on all  living things– while increased levels of negative ions have beneficial effects.

Naturally occurring negative ions, also known as “vitamins of air,” are produced by nature’s activities such as lightning, ocean surf, waterfalls, cosmic rays, lightning and minerals from the earth. The world’s most tranquil and refreshing regions are loaded with billions of negative ions. That’s why after a lightning storm, most of us feel invigorated and refreshed; why we feel alert yet peaceful standing by a crashing waterfall. Independent studies indicate that negative ions may help to ease eyestrain, muscle tension and body fatigue. It may also enhance relaxation and better thinking.

Until now, the only method to duplicate nature’s negative ions was with electronic circuits. A Japanese research group discovered an active mineral complex that naturally produced negative ions. A study had been in progress for many years, where scientists were working to uncover the mystery of a Japanese village where generations of its residents had statistically enjoyed high rates of longevity, good health and well being. After years of intensive research, it was discovered that the soil  in the region contained a high content of minerals and naturally produced negative ions – a discovery that once again confirmed the powerful qualities of negative ions to human life. Create Co., Ltd. of Japan, conducted further research and developed the technology for a variety of ion applied products, including the Bio Ionic Professional Hair Care System.

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